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Jackie+Tan | Wedding at Art Gallery

Jackie and Tan graciously entrusted us with capturing the magic of their wedding day, and we couldn't be more honored. Collaborating with esteemed local professionals, listed below, adds an extra layer of excitement to this special occasion.

Videography: DC Brandon

Makeup&Hair: Glamour Ninja (Instagram: glamourninja)

Ceremony Venue: Art Gallery of Alberta

Reception Venue: Dynasty Century Palace

Photobooth: Selfie Xperience

Commissioner: Brian Napier

Edmonton in July is all about sunshine, painting warmth and brightness everywhere, even on Jackie's hair, giving her the perfect Tan! Join us as we uncover who's taking charge of the family debit account next. ☀️💫 #jackiegotatan2018 #weddingday #edmontonweddingphotographer #ttmediaservice #weddingphotography #bride #groom #artgalleryofalberta

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